I-670 Bike/Ped bridge closing for construction


The Riverfront Heritage Trail’s bridge over I-670 is closing on Friday for construction and will remain closed until the end of September.  A short on-street detour is available via the Summit Street overpass.

This old bridge linking the Westside with Quality Hill and the Downtown Loop is being renovated and getting a new public art installation as part of the ongoing development of the Riverfront Heritage trail.

News from City Hall
City Communications Office
City of Kansas City, Mo.
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Construction closes bicycle pedestrian bridge over I-670

The City of Kansas City, Mo., is advising bicyclists and pedestrians that the Belleview Bridge over Interstate 670 connecting Mulkey Square Park to Andrew Drips Park will be closed starting Friday, July 29 while improvements are completed. The work includes installation of pedestrian lighting and safety enhancements to the bridge’s railing. Completion is expected by late September.

Bicyclists and pedestrians will need to use alternate routes during construction. Detours will be posted prior to construction.

Media inquiries and other requests for more information about this project should be directed to Deb Ridgway, bicycle pedestrian coordinator, at 816-513-2592 or emaildeb.ridgway@kcmo.org.

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One Response to I-670 Bike/Ped bridge closing for construction

  1. Emily Hadley says:

    It’s interesting that this is being improved. Beyond the obvious graffiti problems, the lighting for the bridge and the trail behind the FBI to Mulkey Square has never been maintained or replaced after being ripped from the ground. The overgrowth there has been an issue in the warmer months, as well.
    Hopefully the installation of public art and new lighting is an indication that this path is seen as worthy of the maintenance that will be required for the new installations.
    In the meantime, the Summit bridge is a quiet route whose divided pedestrian lane is as wide as the car lane, so it should be a fine substitute. It already hosts plenty of bicycle and foot traffic between Quality Hill and the Westside. The narrow I-35 overpass connecting Summit to Quality Hill is a segment, however, which could really benefit from a little bike/ped emphasis.

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