Want more trails? Then ride the City of Fountains Bicycle Tour

These days there is a charity bike ride for every conceivable cause, yet the City of Fountains Bicycle Tour is one of the few rides that supports bicycling itself. It raises money for Friends of Trails KC to help build and maintain the Trails KC network.

Not only does the ride support the great cause of bicycling, it’s a great way to discover your city. ┬áThe ride’s several route options tour the city’s iconic fountains and some its most lovely and historic neighborhoods. The KC Bicycle Club provides their famous SAG support with delicious treats along the way.

So if you want more places to ride your bike in KC, be sure to register today for a bike ride that supports bicycling.

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One Response to Want more trails? Then ride the City of Fountains Bicycle Tour

  1. Ken Hutcherson says:

    I just moved BACK to KC, after “existing’ in NYC for the past 20 years, riding a bicycle almost every day during those years – NYC – NOT a bike friendly city, but becomng more so recently, with many new bike “paths” – not trails – being created, thanks to Transportation Alternatives, and the 5 Borough Bike Club, which sponsor LOOONG bike rides, for charities and for fun and physical activitity.

    I HAVE noticed, just in the past 5-6 years since I last visited a HUGE increase in the # of bikes I am seeing on the streets AND bike trails. I am SO happy to see this increase in biking! The bike trail that has taken the place of the Trolley Line from The Plaza to far south in the city gives me a lot of pleasure, as I used to ride that trolley line whe I was a small boy! Keep u the good work! When my bicyles arrive (from storage) I hope to be out, riding the KC streets in ernest. Ken Hutcherson

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