Part of Cliff Drive closed for construction

A middle section of Cliff Drive is closed for construction until October of this year.  The section between Lookout Point and Chestnut Avenue is closed for storm drainage improvements, installation of new curbs, etc. We recommend a detour between Lookout Point and Kansas City Museum entrances to Cliff Drive.

View Cliff Drive Detour in a larger map

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One Response to Part of Cliff Drive closed for construction

  1. dougNKC says:

    There is several sections along Cliff Drive that were well over due for a face lift. Being an avid Geocacher though and using the the trails all over town just like all you bikers do, I would sure like to see them do a couple of clean sweeps of the hobos and trash and camps hidden away in the woods in this park. This place is one of the greatest parks in the city, but it’s simply not safe.

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