Get your boat ready for the bike-powered Trashboat Regatta

More photos from last year's Regatta.

June 26th is KC’s 2nd Annual Trashboat Regatta on the Missouri River. The goal is to make a river-worthy watercraft out of reused, recycled, and found materials. The vessel must either be bicycle-powered in the water or towed to the river by bicycle.

The Regatta starts at Kaw Point, ends downriver with a big picnic, prizes for the best boats, and a bike ride back to Kaw Point. For those who might be squeamishness about floating down the Missouri River on homemade boats, there will also be a bike ride parallel to the Regatta.

Be sure to visit for all the info and then RSVP on Facebook.

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One Response to Get your boat ready for the bike-powered Trashboat Regatta

  1. Meetzorp says:

    Given the state of the river we may be postponing the Regatta. I’ll keep you up to date on any developments as they develop.

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