KCMO adopts Complete Streets resolution!

Today the Kansas City, MO City Council unanimously adopted a resolution for Livable Streets, a.k.a. Complete Streets.  It’s a powerful high level statement in support of making city streets more inclusive of all users – pedestrians, motorists, bicyclists, the disabled, seniors, children, transit riders, etc.

The Livable Streets resolution is a sort of capstone to several different polices and plans that are already moving the city forward towards becoming safer and easier to navigate by whatever mode of transportation people choose.

  • Bike KC and Trails KC master plans.
  • 2020 Platinum Level Bike Friendly Community.
  • Walkability plan.
  • Development code and parking regulation reform.
  • Updated Major Street Plan based on Complete Streets concepts.
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.
  • Climate Protection Plan.
  • City Sustainability Plan.
  • FOCUS KC master plan.

Kansas City now joins Lee’s Summit as the second metro community with a Complete Streets policy, and becomes the eighth city in Missouri.  The resolution was introduced by 4th District At-Large Councilmember Beth Gottstein and co-sponsored by Cathy Jolly, Melba Curls, Jan Marcason, John Sharp, Sharon Sanders-Brooks, Cindy Circo, Terry Riley, and Mayor Funkhouser.

Read the full text of the Livable Streets resolution.

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3 Responses to KCMO adopts Complete Streets resolution!

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  2. cycle ONE says:

    Here in Houston, we are lightyears behind your thinking. Although, our city markets itself as the “energy capital of the world”, much of that “energy” is stored around the people’s waistline, thus getting $ for bike-ped is tough, tough, tough.

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