Independence unanimously adopts anti-harassment ordinance

Tonight the Independence, MO City Council unanimously adopted an ordinance specifically prohibiting harassment of bicyclists, pedestrians, and wheelchair users.  Councilman Jim Schultz sponsored the ordinance modeled on those in Greenwood and Columbia, MO. The Council was very supportive of increasing safety for all roadway users and actually lamented that state law limits the fine and jail time the city can levy under municipal law.  Councilman Myron Paris spoke of his experience being purposefully hit by a motorist while bicycling, and Councilman Will Swoffer mentioned friends and family who had been harassed while bicycling.

The Independence Examiner has more coverage of the City Council discussion.

Independence is now the largest Missouri city with an anti-harassment law on the books. Councilman Schultz will be riding BikeMS this weekend, so if you see him be sure to say thanks!

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