Paseo Fatality: Junior Christopher, 33

KCPD has identified yesterday’s fatality as 33 year-old Junior Christopher of Kansas City.  Junior was cycling to work when we was hit on I-35 just before the Paseo Bridge.

KMBC-TV 9′s Bev Chapman, who is a cyclist herself, has a big report on the river crossing situation. MoDOT still refuses to put a bike/ped path on the new Paseo Bridge when it opens in 2011. However, they have secured federal stimulus funding to a barrier-separated bike/ped path on the Heart of America bridge in 2010.  They are also considering doing the same to the Chouteau Bridge.

While Bev’s report is good, unfortunately the only person interviewed on camera was local MoDOT chief Beth Wright.  No one from the bike/ped community was included in the story.

KMBC-TV 9: Bicyclist’s death highlights safety story and video report.

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