Pitch takes on Arrowhead

Last month it was a Johnson County strip mall, this month it is Arrowhead Stadium. Once again they take on an auto-centric destination. In this case the place doesn’t just lack bike racks, it actually bans bicycles.

Some bicyclists came to the strip mall’s defense since no one had ever asked for a bike rack there. However, I whole-heartedly agree with the idea of challenging businesses to do better. While I readily concede that these may be hit pieces, I believe they do make a critical point. Safe and convenient bike parking is one of the best ways to promote bicycling for transportation and to foster transportation choice.

But we can’t be lazy and blame it all on someone else. How often do you lock up to a light pole or bench at the grocery store or coffee shop without asking the owner for a bike rack? Or do you just go on in without saying anything? I went to the Sprint Center open house tonight and counted 12 bikes locked to light poles. The first thing I did when I got home was write a letter to the arena management and to City Hall asking for bike racks. When was the last time you did something like that??

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